Mopar Takes On The GM’s Golden Child In A Head To Head Race

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The shake-out is interesting...

We’ve covered a lot of rivalries in the past, Mustang vs Camaro, JDM vs domestic, GM vs Mopar. The latter example, of course, has gained quite a lot of traction in the past few years due to Dodge’s unshaken dedication to making the most ridiculous cars one could dream of. This is contrasted by the falling out of Historic GM products such as the Camaro and recent controversy over the production 'situation' of the C8 Corvette. This has gotten GM boys desperate to prove their beloved brand. What car could help that cause better than GM’s pride and joy, the Corvette?

Of course, GM has not always been in such a decline. There was once a time when GM was on top. Models such as the Firebird, Camaro, and Corvette dominated the competition specifically in the later years of the ‘70s, ‘80s, and very late ‘90s. So who will take on the challenge presented by the once violent natured ‘Vette? That honor falls in the hands of this fantastic 1967 Dodge Coronet. While both of these cars are amazing pieces of American muscle car history it is what is under the respective hoods of these classic carnivores.

The GM 439 cubic-inch and Mopar 426 cubic-inch V8s are both insanely memorable legends in the car community and with both of them putting out more than 420 horsepower which makes for a lot of fast-paced fun. This was best shown when the ‘69 Corvette and Coronet R/T lined up shoulder to shoulder for an awesome race. As the green light flashed both cars jumped off the line and thrashed their way to the finish line. It was an extremely close race with the Corvette having a time of 10.98 seconds and the Coronet seemingly taking the win with a 10.95 second time. However, the Corvette driver has far better reaction time, and as such the viscous Vette took the win.

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