MoodMiner Raises $400K in a Seed Round to Build Its Yield Earning Platform

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS / ACCESSWIRE / February 3, 2023 / MoodMiner, a platform for easy yield staking, has announced a $400,000 Seed Round. The event was organized by Hashed and co-organized by Pantera Capital and ZhenFund, two of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

A number of high-profile angel investors also took part in the round. Among them are entities with diverse portfolios that include some of the most well-known industry names, such as CoinList, Circle, and Polygon. There are also ConsenSys, Near, 1inch, Algorand, Polkadot, dY/dX, Casper Labs, Mina, Ankr, and Enjin. Most importantly, their support boosts MoodMiner's potential and establishes a close collaboration for future projects.

The funds will be used to expand the company's yield-earning platform. It will improve its current B2B products while also expanding its reach in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the rest of the world. Finally, MoodMiner hopes to expand its expert team by hiring more professionals.

Yield Earning on MoodMiner

MoodMiner is a platform that makes it simple for customers to stake cryptocurrencies and tokens. Users can start with 1 EUR and choose from over 100 digital assets such as Polkadot, Cardano, and Elrond.

Anyone can use MoodMiner to generate passive income through staking. Users can use the platform to buy specific tokens or transfer them to their wallets. Then, as a daily reward, it employs the power of blockchain protocols to generate additional coins in users' balances.

Participants can earn money directly from their wallets by delegating. In other words, MoodMiner works like a digital piggy bank, allowing people to go about their daily lives while their money works for them.

Cartesi, Polygon, NEM, Synthetic, and Cardano are some of the most profitable assets on MoodMiner. The annual rewards are typically close to 15%.

Polygon is one of MoodMiner's most prestigious projects, with nearly 8,000 active participants at the time of writing. Furthermore, these users' annual earnings on the platform are close to 12%.

Polygon is widely regarded as one of the potential payment methods of the future. For example, the project transforms the blockchain community by establishing a hub where users can interact with decentralized products. Above all, its presence on the platform increases the dependability and potential of MoodMiner.

The Rise of MoodMiner in the Crypto World

MoodMiner has collaborated with other industry leaders such as Avalanche Labs, Waves & Cosmos. In addition, the company collaborated with and a number of other fast and open blockchains for decentralised applications. These collaborations aided MoodMiner in scaling and expanding its platform significantly.

Finally, the MoodMiner team is rapidly expanding. Today, the company employs more than 22 people and plans to grow even further, with several new positions opening up all the time, always looking for new, bright minds to join.

About MoodMiner

MoodMiner has set an ambitious goal of making various rewarding crypto mechanisms accessible to everyone. This way, everyone can benefit equally from a changing financial landscape, and global crypto adoption can accelerate. MoodMiner will serve as a portal to Web3, which will include wealth, social networking, entertainment, and retail services that can be experienced in both the real world and the Metaverse.

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