Momenclature Debuts North American Showcase in New York City

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New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - August 8, 2022) - This past June, momenclature showcased ten artists from Korea in the center of New York's Financial District, in 165 William St. the exhibition titled "on non-synchronism" is the first of the series of exhibitions of the momenart project. momenclature worked with the perfumer, a pose ad esse, to include olfactory creations dedicated to each artist in the exhibitions.

Photo of ceramic egg sculptures, infused with each fragrance

The exhibit presents both visual art such as paintings and installations, as well as olfactory arts, appealing to multiple senses. With the temporary nature of this art installation, the artists are able to freely pursue their passion for art while being open to changes and opportunities along the way. momenclature and a posse ad esse will be shown in various locations in New York this summer.

momenclature is an artist collective led by the CEO, Haejin Kim, and the Director, Jinseok Lee, created to provide opportunities for artists to show their works in more diverse environments. momenart project is an initiative of momenclature to introduce locally established artists to foreign markets.

Photo of Jinseok Lee

Jinseok Lee was born and raised in Jeju, a stunning island far south of the Korean peninsula. With views comparable to Hawaii or St. Lucia, his early works hyper-realistically paint the nature of his island. He broke away from his conventional practice of painting, from the surface and medium to the instrument to paint with. He began to work on steel plates, custom fabricated for the artist, using a pouring technique with epoxy resin.

Photo of Jinseok Lee's work

Though his practice steered radically, the subject of his work remained to focus on nature. He focused on capturing the chain of actions in nature, such as the movement of a light source, often times the sun, and the colors at different stages. In his series, Landscape, he pieced together a cluster of sceneries at different times, depicting the true nature of inconsistency and non-synchronous. His latest series, From Colors, is a study of elemental existence of colors. Likewise how maps convey information by segmenting terrains in layers, the artist segmented the color as if it has its own means of existence.

Photo of Jinseok Lee's work

Much like the artist's works, the fragrance created for Jinseok, Real Eyes, focuses on capturing the chain of life. The life is described with the cedar moss, cypress, saffron and leather, subduedly lying under the layer of resin and cardamom suggesting the lapse of time overlayed in a single frame.

Anon dyes cotton-muslin fabrics in colors from her personal perspective. She creates an iteration true to the color she saw rather than the presence. She has been working with dyed cotton for the entirety of her professional years. This process had made her focus on the colors more. She would position dyed fabrics on canvas creating layers along with junctions that come together to create a piece that invites viewers into her realm of colors. With the Color of Memory series, the artist breaks away from her flat application and creates textures and depth using strips of dyed fabric knotted on the net. This was from her realization that the remnants left from her work can still accurately depict her intentions as her art is about the color, hence the title of the series, Color of Memory, may suggest.

Photo of Anon

Photo of Anon's work in progress

a posse ad esse created a fragrance titled Tectonic Flow for Anon. The fragrance captures the cluster of marine notes, with ozone and floral notes as well. The marine and salt notes suggest a shoreside land filled feeling with neroli, ylang ylang, hyacinth, and osmanthus.

Photo of Anon's work

Anon's work, color of memory

Anon's work, material

momenclature will be organizing a series of exhibitions, for more information contact

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