Mom’s TikTok hilariously captures the chaotic ups and downs of raising twins

This parent’s TikTok video hysterically depicts how chaotic it is to raise twins.

TikToker Keysha (@karbonkopiez) is a parent and content creator who posts clips of everyday life as a mom to two sets of twins. One of Keysha’s videos features a heated playtime dispute between her twin toddler daughters, and the onset of sibling rivalry struck a chord with viewers.

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The clip opens with a shot of one of the twins, wearing a red dress, climbing into a toy car. Just as she’s trying to get settled, her twin sister, wearing little pants with polka dots, walks over and starts playing with the toy car’s controls.

With lights flashing, the toy vehicle moves from side to side, causing the twin in the red dress to fall out of the seat. Seeing that her sister isn’t occupying the majority of the toy car anymore, the twin in the polka dot pants uses this as an opportunity to commandeer the toy car.

Having her toy car time infringed upon does not sit well with the twin in the red dress, who lets out a shriek over the injustice before running to their mother.

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Meanwhile, the twin in polka dot pants attempts to take a spin in the toy vehicle but becomes startled when it starts to jerk back. Spooked by the sudden movement, the toddler runs and grabs her blanket to comfort herself.

Having moved on from the prior altercation, the toddler in the red dress walks back into the frame, and the twins start to spin around in circles playfully.

However, the peace is short-lived, as the following clips show the twins squabbling over other toys before the video comes to a close.

Viewers found it interesting to see the twins’ personalities surface while watching their interactions.

“How [do] they go from fighting over something to spinning in circles at the same time?” asked one user rhetorically.

“[Polka dots] has a bit of vampire in her, and she will, by all means, convert red clothes to vampire life,” one TikToker joked.

“Oh, but lil miss red dress [is going to] come back when miss polka dot least expect it,” one viewer noted.

Keysha’s video certainly shows that raising twins can be a handful, but considering she has an older set of twins, she’s a pro at this point.

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