Mom spends less than $10 on 13-year-old daughter’s bedroom makeover

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A mom completely made over her daughter’s bedroom for under $10.

TikToker @juliestory is all about home decor hacks and budget DIY projects. She gave herself the challenge of totally transforming her daughter’s bedroom for $10 and the results are amazing. The mom was able to use tools she already had to upgrade old furniture and used a few simple decor hacks to spruce the place up.

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“This time I’m taking on my daughter’s room,” the mom explained. “She’s 13 so I’m gonna give this place a glow up. I’m gonna get really creative, rock what I’ve got and hopefully spend under $10.”

She repainted the dresser, chair, desk and storage bins to fit a silver, gray and white theme. The mom made fake succulents out of poster board as adorable decorations. She sewed a canopy for the bed and converted the closet into an office space.

The budget ended up going to a can of spray paint, acrylic primer and clear glaze.

The mom explained in the comment section that her daughter “did it with me but doesn’t like to be on camera. She also had a say in all the ideas.”

Jordyn Woods says her Instagram isn’t real life:

The room makeover received over 2.8 million likes on TikTok.

“So what I’m understanding is anytime I don’t like the color of literally ANYTHING I can spray paint it,” someone said.

“If my mum re-did my room I would cry,” a person commented.

“So cute you did this for your daughter! Such a thoughtful act! Good job, momma!” another wrote.

Tinashe is calling the shots:

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