Mom shares unique gift-giving hack for kids who ‘get way too much for Christmas’

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This TikTok mom’s gift-giving hack is perfect for parents whose children receive loads of presents during the holiday season.

Gift-giving season can be a challenge for parents, especially when their children receive tons of presents they might not need from well-intentioned friends and family.

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Luckily TikToker, blogger, and parent Haylie Grammer (@hayliegrammer) shared a clever hack for parents whose kids get an excessive amount of gifts during the holidays.

This no-stress party dish is perfect for whipping up last minute:

In the clip, Haylie addresses the camera and asks, “Do you have kids that get way too much for Christmas, including what you buy them yourself?”

“Well, I do,” Grammer playfully admits.

To spread out the gift-giving, Grammer has her child open one present per day in December leading up until Christmas.

For each daily present selected, Grammer also has her daughter pick out one of her old toys to donate.

“So she has to trade,” Grammer says, explaining that, “in order to open a present, she has to pick out [a toy] she’s going to give away, which is a lot harder for her than I think she realizes.”

The clip then cuts to a shot of her daughter’s colorfully decorated Christmas tree brimming with ornaments and surrounded by gifts wrapped in matching wrapping paper.

“At the end of the day, if she’s a good girl, she gets to pick one of her old toys to donate, and then she gets to pick a new present out of her stockpile,” Grammer notes, adjusting the camera to show the whole display.

Grammer’s present hack elicited strong reactions from some viewers.

“No kid needs 25-30 gifts,” commented one user, to which someone chimed in and politely reminded them that Grammer plans on donating.

Another viewer had the exact opposite response and playfully asked, “Can you adopt me?”

No matter how you decide to allocate the gifts this holiday season, it’s always a good idea to teach children the importance of generosity and kindness.

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