Mom says the ‘terrible 2s’ are nothing compared to ‘the 3s’: ‘I’ve never related to a video more’

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This mom feels like the so-called “terrible 2s” are a breeze compared to the tyrannical 3s.

TikTok mom @failing_full_circle issued a “strong language warning” when she discussed the matter. Her daughter was days away from turning 3 years old when the mom shared the video back in March. She already had toddlers, so she knew which parental nightmares lay ahead.

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“If you’ve had toddlers before, then you know it’s not the terrible 2s,” the mom said. “The 2s are not the issue. It is the 3s. There’s the terrible 2s, which are not that terrible. Then there’s the f*** you 3s.”

The mom said her toddler tried to “fistfight” her because she “wouldn’t let her poop outside.” The 3-year-old stomped on two perfectly good tomatoes because “they were looking at her too red.” As the mom recounted the day’s events, her daughter began to scream.

Jordyn Woods says her Instagram isn’t real life:

“She’s feeling her feelings on the porch. I said, ‘get your screams out outside,'” the mom explained. “It is what it is. I’m just commiserating.”

“I’ve never related to a video more,” a person wrote.

“My angel is turning 3 in two months, and I am soaking up every bit of magic before she turns,” another said.

“Threes are the WORST! Mine would look me dead in the eyes and pour out his drink on the floor,” someone commented.

Tinashe is calling the shots:

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