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Mom reveals ‘life-saving’ hack for fixing overly salty food: ‘I really needed this’

A mom is going viral on TikTok after sharing her easy trick for making food less salty.

The hack, which some viewers called “life-changing,” comes courtesy of a mom named Vanessa, who posts under the username @vnklove. Vanessa’s page is largely dedicated to the meals she makes for her young son, but one post — which applies to eaters of all ages — seemed to strike a particularly strong chord.

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It’s just the latest cooking hack to go viral on TikTok, a place where new tips and tricks seem to pop up every single day. In recent months, users have also shared their methods for how to pour soda without making foam, how to get corn off the cob using a bucket and the “real way” to open an English Muffin.

Vanessa’s trick is one that’s shown up in recipe books and blogs for years. However, many TikTok users had seemingly never heard of it.

“Have you ever accidentally put too much salt in your food and didn’t know what to do?” Vanessa asks in her video’s caption.

As it turns out, Vanessa’s trick for making food less salty is simply to add a potato. In her clip, she places a peeled potato into a pot of stew, then lets it cook in the broth.

She goes on to explain that the potato will absorb some of the excess salt, therefore making the whole dish a little milder.

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Chefs have debated this life hack for years now, and, of course, not everyone agrees on how effective it is. That said, many TikTokers were impressed by the trick.

“I had no idea! Thanks for this,” one user wrote.

“I really needed this,” another added.

Other commenters suggested their own tips, such as adding sugar, pepper or citric acid from a lemon. Or, as some users joked, it’s even easier to just add less salt in the first place.

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