Mom preps son for school year with active shooter quiz, bulletproof backpack in TikTok

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Screengrab from @thewaltonfamily1's TikTok video

In Cassie Walton’s back-to-school quiz for her son, a wrong answer could cost him his life.

How do you use your bulletproof backpack? If the shooter is in your room, what do you do? If you get out of the building, where do you run?

Walton and her smiling 5-year-old son run through these questions and more in a TikTok about active shooter awareness in schools that has gotten over 7 million views.

“Whenever I was filming the video, I was pushing back all of the tears, trying to get all of that out, and he’s very smart, and he took in all of the information very well, and he wasn’t scared of the drill, he knew it was a serious situation,” Walton, who lives in Oklahoma, told CBS News.

“This is terrifying but it’s our reality and it shouldn’t be,” one commenter wrote on Walton’s TikTok.

The U.S. has had 27 school shootings this year as of Aug. 1, according to Education Week. One of the most recent shootings was at an elementary school in Ulvade, Texas, where two teachers and 19 kids were killed, making it the “deadliest school shooting since 2012,” according to Education Week.

“As a teacher… this breaks my heart that this is even necessary,” another viewer commented on Walton’s video.

Walton said in a different TikTok that she purchased her son a bulletproof casing that slides inside his Spider-Man backpack. The casing cost about $130, she said.

If her son Weston ever encounters an active-shooter situation, Walton advised him to tell his teacher the backpack was bulletproof so they wouldn’t ask him to leave it behind.

“If the police are outside the door and the shooter is in your room and they call out, ‘is anybody in there?’ what do you do?” Walton asked.

“I say, ‘I’m here!’” her son answers.

“Absolutely not, you don’t say a word. If the shooter is in there you do not say a word, you stay absolutely silent,” Walton corrected him.

Walton said after she experienced active shooter drills herself when she was in class, she wanted her son to have an extra level of protection “just in case,” she told CBS in an interview.

In her last question of the TikTok, Walton asks her son what he should do if he escapes the school and gets outside.

“You run as far away from the school as you can go. Mom will find you,” she tells him, a faint crack in her voice.

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