Mom infuriates husband with present for her ‘entitled’ daughter: ‘I was fuming’

A woman isn’t sure if she should have used her husband’s birthday gift fund to buy her daughter a bike.

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She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. Her husband encouraged his daughter to withhold her belongings from her stepsister, the Reddit poster’s daughter. The Reddit poster’s daughter just wanted to borrow the bike when it wasn’t in use. So the mom decided to get her daughter a bike using the only money she had available from her husband’s birthday gift fund. Now, he’s furious.

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“I’m wondering, really don’t know if I handled this the right way,” the Reddit poster wrote. “before I start, keep in mind that we aren’t doing good financially. So my husband bought his 13 yo daughter a bike. it was about 200 dollars. My 11yo daughter secretly liked it and asked if she could get a few rounds with it. My stepdaughter said NOOO,, which was understandable seeing how obssessed she was with it the first couple of weeks.”

According to the mom, after a week, her stepdaughter wasn’t as interested in the bike and it spent a lot of time sitting in the garage.

“The other day my daughter called me crying,” she added. “I asked her what happened and she told me she had asked her stepsister to let her play with the bike but she refused, and when my daughter pointed out how the bike was just lying in the garage with no use, her stepsister shouted at her saying she’d rather throw the bike in the ocean and let it rust than let her ride it.”

When the daughter started crying, the Redditor’s husband called her an “entitled brat” and even tried to punish her for repeatedly asking to ride the bike. When confronted, the husband explained that he didn’t think his daughter should feel like she had to share everything.

As the Redditor and husband were fighting over the situation, the husband asked her why she didn’t just buy a new bike for her daughter too.

“I took the money I saved up to buy him a gift ( a watch) for his upcoming birthday and bought a new bike for my daughter and let her pick the color,” she said. “NGL, after seeing her sad for weeks I felt happy for her.”

But then the husband realized where the money came from and got mad, saying he’d already told his friends about the watch.

“I said I no longer wanted to argue but he never stopped berating me,” the post continued. “Even went as far as to say that I stole the watch money and threatened to exclude me from his birthday.”

Redditors felt the husband was being petty.

“He is the most childish of them all, wanting a birthday gift over a kid,” someone said.

“Your husband flipped out because he’d already told his friends about the watch he was getting for his birthday? What is he 9 years old?” another commented.

“The way your husband talks to you is not respectful,” a user wrote.

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