Mom and her sister competed for first prize in NC lottery game. She won — in a big way

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N.C. Education Lottery

Two sisters competed to see who would be the first to hit the jackpot — and one of them won big in North Carolina.

LaKisa McKethan edged out her sister, scoring a $500,000 prize in the Bigger $pin game. Prize winners get a chance to spin a game-show style wheel to find out how much they won, according to the N.C. Education Lottery.

“When the Bigger $pin ticket came out, me and my sister used to try to compete with each other to see who could get the wheel,” McKethan told officials while laughing. “So, when I got the wheel I took a picture of it and I showed it to her.”

Though McKethan was hoping to be victorious over her sister, she said another family member was instrumental in helping her take home the extra cash.

“McKethan credits her young son for her good fortune,” officials said in a Jan. 17 news release. “She said he told her he prayed for her to win a million dollars so she wouldn’t have to worry about money.”

The North Carolina mom fell short of that goal but still won enough to keep $354,994 after taxes. Officials said the big windfall came after she got off her job as a third-shift factory worker and stopped at the VA VA Food Mart in Fayetteville to buy a $10 scratch-off.

“I was gonna wait, but I always knew the early bird gets the worm,” McKethan said in the lottery’s news release. “I was like ‘whoa’ and I was in shock.”

McKethan had the chance to spin the lottery’s wheel on Jan. 19 and landed on a spot that scored her $500,000. After getting the six-figure win, she plans to spend money on a house and help someone who needs medical care, officials said.

It’s not the first time a winner has gotten a chance to try out the lottery’s prize wheel. In November, a Vietnam veteran and a Durham cook won prizes that together totaled more than $1 million, McClatchy News reported.

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