Mom furious over in-laws ‘knowingly sabotaging’ newborn’s sleep: ‘That’s insane’

This mom is fed up with her in-laws constantly waking up her 4-month-old.

She ranted on Reddit’s “Beyond the Bump” forum because she is at her wit’s end. While she and her husband save money, they are staying with his parents. The issue is that they don’t respect her boundaries.

When the baby is asleep, they play white noise and take turns doing contact naps in the nursery. But no matter how trivial the reason, her mother-in-law and father-in-law will loudly knock and wake the newborn up.

“MIL is worse, even though they are both offenders,” the Reddit poster wrote. “She will literally knock, immediately open the door, and act shocked that baby is asleep.”

Moreover, they both admitted to knowing when the baby was asleep and knocking anyway.

“The idea of handing my sobbing, tired baby to them sounds like the worst idea,” she said.

Redditors empathized with the mom’s tough situation.

“Do the same to them when they are asleep. Be petty. Please,” someone joked.

“Your husband should have a chat with his parents. Babies need sleep for development and they’re knowingly sabotaging that,” a person commented.

“That’s insane!! Who would knowingly wake up a baby while they’re napping?” another said.

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