Mom Finds Internet Fame for Looking Just Like Super-Strong Encanto Character: 'I Was Shocked'

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Mom Finds Internet Fame for Looking Just Like Super-Strong Encanto Character: 'I Was Shocked'

Shortly after the release of Disney's Encanto, TikToker Maribel Martinez soon saw the similarities between her and one of the movie's larger-than-life characters.

Now Martinez, a 23-year-old mom of two, is embracing her stunning resemblance to the Encanto character Luisa Madrigal, who is voiced by actress Jessica Darrow.

"I was shocked because I was so glad to see that I could see myself in somebody else," Martinez told Today.

Luisa — known for her size and strength — performs an impassioned song in the animated film called "Surface Pressure," where she reflects on the stress she feels while supporting family and friends in their Colombian community.

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After noticing her resemblance to Luisa, Martinez posted several TikTok videos of her lip-syncing to "Surface Pressure" while mimicking Luisa's movements in the film. Her videos have since garnered millions of views on the platform.

"I was surprised to see a masculine-yet-feminine presented female [character]…I've always been told I look too 'masculine' to be feminine, but seeing Luisa just made me feel comfortable with loving myself even more," Martinez told BuzzFeed.

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Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Encanto”
Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Encanto”


Encanto has proven to be a hit for Disney.

This week, Billboard announced the film's song "We Don't Talk About Bruno" hit a new peak at No. 4 on its Hot 100 song chart.

The track has now outperformed 2013's Frozen hit "Let It Go," which topped out at No. 5 on the chart at its peak.

Encanto — which features original songs by Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda — also won best-animated film at the Golden Globes this month.

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"Not only does it have to deal with how many people deal with pressure ... but it also relates to a Hispanic community where the family dynamic is brought up like that and we're put under so much pressure," Martinez told NBC News of the importance of a character like Luisa.

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Martinez isn't the only person to see herself in an Encanto character.

Two-year-old Kenzo Brooks recently went viral for his similarity to the film's character Antonio Madrigal.

Encanto is now streaming on Disney+.

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