How Mom ended its eight-season run on CBS

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The recovery group on CBS' Mom met for the last time Thursday — but Christy wasn't there to bond with her fellow alcoholics.

The CBS comedy series finale aired without Anna Faris, the actress who helped to launch the sitcom with Allison Janney in 2013. Christy (Faris) was only briefly mentioned in the episode, as were her kids. Instead, the women of the ensemble turned their focus on a newcomer named Shannon (Melanie Lynskey) while Bonnie (Allison Janney) learned that her husband Adam (William Fichtner) was diagnosed with cancer. A pregnant Jill (Jaime Pressly) also announced that she was marrying Sgt. Pepper, which turns out to be the last name of her longtime cop boyfriend Andy (Will Sasso).

The episode ended with Bonnie giving a tearful speech to the recovery group. "When I walked in that door eight years ago, I was so filled with fear, self-loathing shame," she said. "But now, I kind of like me. I kind of love me ... My name is Bonnie, and I'm a grateful alcoholic. And if that pisses you off, just keep coming back. Thank you."

Faris exited the show ahead of its eighth and final season. When asked why she didn't participate in the finale, showrunner Gemma Baker told TV Line that "we felt that it was important to honor [Faris'] decision to leave the show. The audience knows that Christy traveled a great distance over seven seasons and overcame so many obstacles in order to follow her dream of becoming a lawyer, and it felt like that story had been addressed in a satisfying way, so we didn't revisit it for the finale."

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