Mom asks if she’s overreacting about a Target kids’ dress with slits in it

Mom on TikTok talks about girls' Target dresses

We love Target for so many reasons. It’s affordable, it’s a one-stop shop, and the clothes there are generally super cute. But one mom is causing a little bit of controversy after posting a TikTok video of some Target dresses she saw in the girls’ section of her local store, wondering if the style is maybe a little too grown up for young girls to wear.

Mom Meghan Mayer posted the video, wondering aloud to her followers if she was overreacting about the dress, which features a floral pattern, puffy sleeves, and — and this is the part she’s iffy about — cutouts at the hips. It’s the Girls’ Smocked Bodice Cut Out Chiffon Dress by art class, which, if you look closely at the product listing — and Mayer’s video, you can see does have some small cutouts near the waist.

“I am a little bit more conservative when it comes to my kid’s clothes so maybe I’m overreacting but let me know what you think of these dresses,” Mayer says in her video, which has gone viral on TikTok.

She continues, “Like I said, I know I’m a little bit more conservative. I don’t even let my girls wear bikinis but maybe I’m overreacting. I don’t know. I don’t think this is appropriate at all for this age group.”

In the comments section, plenty of people weighed in with their own thoughts, and opinions were mixed.

“That dress is SO CUTE until you see the slit. Why did they have to ruin it like that?!?” one commenter who agreed with Mayer wrote.

Another added, “Holes not needed. I agree with you!”

But plenty of others thought the dress was totally fine, especially for people who live in warm climates, and those who have an issue with it are thinking about children’s bodies in too grown-up of a way.

“When I was a kid in the 70s’, I wore halter tops and tube tops they were not seen as big deals. I don’t think this is scandalous,” one person wrote.

Another weighed in, “I don’t think they are too revealing, but I do think the holes are ugly!”

That’s a different, yet balanced take.

What do you think of the dress? Would you let a young girl wear something like it?