Mom accused of murdering sons in Pennsylvania was charged with child abuse in Broward

A former South Florida resident is behind bars in Pennsylvania after being accused of murdering two of her sons, one of whom was found over the weekend. Four years prior, she was charged with abusing their older brother in Broward.

Quanesha Shaquella Monio Lindsey, 27, was charged Sunday with two counts of murder, strangulation and abuse of a corpse, according to Pennsylvania court records. Lindsey, whose address is now listed in Ambridge, a town half-an-hour northwest of Pittsburgh, is being held in jail without bond.

According to the Beaver County Times, a local newspaper in Pennsylvania, officers said Lindsey confessed to strangling her 4-month-old son and admitted to suffocating her 2-year-old son in October.

Investigators found the infant cold to the touch in a converted bedroom in the basement on Saturday, the newspaper reported. Lindsey initially told police that her child stopped moving and making noise at 5 a.m. that day.

She later admitted, in a recorded interview, to strangling him and showed police how she did so with an infant-sized mannequin, according to the Beaver County Times.

During that same interview, police said Lindsey also confessed to killing her 2-year-old on Oct. 21. The newspaper reported that Lindsey said she held the child’s face down into a bed until he died. She reenacted the killing with a child-sized mannequin.

According to the Beaver County Times, Lindsey told officers in October that she found her 2-year-old dead after putting him down for a nap. A investigation uncovered that Lindsey had sent several text messages about the child’s death before reporting it to police.

A history of abuse?

There may have been a pattern of abuse years prior to the boys’ death, court records indicate. In 2019, Lindsey was arrested by Sunrise police after allegedly throwing her 2-year-old son against a metal bed post.

According to court records, Lindsey wanted her toddler to come inside the apartment and watch TV. When he refused, she grabbed him by the back of his T-shirt, yanked him off the ground and shoved him inside the home.

Lindsey then slammed his body against the bed post, causing his head to smack against the metal, police say. He cried uncontrollably.

The toddler tried to run away, but Lindsey hurled him onto the bed, court records say. She then swung him by one of his legs, tossing him toward the bed post for a third time.

After being arrested, Lindsey told police that she acted out due to her son’s “defiance.”

The child abuse charges against Lindsey were dismissed in July 2022. Just a month before, the assistant public defender representing Lindsey asked a Broward Mental Health Court judge to drop the case on the grounds that Lindsey was incompetent due to intellectual disability and mental illness.

A defendant, according to the court filing, has a two-year period to become competent to stand trial before a case is dismissed, unless the state can prove that the defendant will once again become competent. The two-year period in Lindsey’s case was set to expire within a month at the time of her attorney’s request.

It’s unknown whether the child involved in the 2019 Broward abuse case was under Lindsey’s care at the time of the killings.