Modesto principal investigated for alleged inappropriate conduct. District: Video not related

Modesto High School Principal Jason Manning is pictured in 2017. (Modesto City Schools Facebook page)

Modesto High School Principal Jason Manning and an unidentified certificated employee have been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into whether they engaged in inappropriate conduct on campus during work hours, Modesto City Schools confirmed Tuesday evening.

The district provided the information after posts alleging the inappropriate behavior were made on social media. Officials announced Tuesday night that a video also circulating on social media that purportedly showed the behavior was not related to the investigation.

“The investigation into the allegations is ongoing,” the district stated.

The district further said it has “determined the allegations are isolated and do not involve any students or other staff members.”

Earlier Tuesday evening, the district had issued a news release saying it was looking into the validity of the video. “Preliminary information indicates that the video may not be legitimate,” the release stated.

The three-second video in question was taken from outside a two-story school building and aimed at what appeared to be a classroom window.

It is unknown what position the certificated employee holds. Certification is required by the state to hold some type of teaching credential. That includes most administrators and full-time, part-time, substitute and temporary teachers.

Modesto City Schools said it will not comment further at this time as the investigation is ongoing.

According to Bee archives, Manning became Modesto High principal in 2009, when he was promoted after serving as the school’s associate principal of curriculum and instruction.