MLB All-Star break roundtable: What's your revised World Series pick?

“Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days.” Baseball analysts could learn a thing or two from the lyricist known as Hannah Montana. No matter how hard you study, you can never predict the baseball season with 100 percent accuracy.

That’s not a bad thing. You want the season to be dramatic. You want surprises and disappointments. That’s what makes the game great.

Now that we’ve seen half a season of those things, we’re giving ourselves a mulligan on our original World Series predictions. We gave the Yahoo Sports MLB staff a chance to alter their preseason World Series pick now that we’ve seen all 30 teams in action.

We’ve included our original picks as well, because if we’re going to change things up at midseason, you should at least know what we thought would happen back in March.

The Astros could repeat as World Series champs. (AP Photo)

Revised pick: Astros over Cubs

I’m definitely sticking by my prediction that the Astros will win back-to-back World Series championships. The roster is already loaded, and the front office will likely retool the bullpen to make them an even more complete team.

On the NL side, I want to get as far away from my Nationals pick as possible. I figured there would be some urgency in Washington given Bryce Harper’s contract situation and the possibility of their championship window closing soon. Instead, it’s looked like the pressure (and some injuries too) has overwhelmed them. I’m going to slide the Chicago Cubs into their spot, because as good as they’ve been lately, it feels like the best is to come at Wrigley Field. (Mark Townsend)
Original pick: Astros over Nationals

Revised pick: Red Sox over Dodgers

The Red Sox have been the best team in baseball for a while now, and they’ve started to widen that gap recently. The team could stand pat at the deadline and still be in great shape. Any addition they make will only further their status as the most dominant team out there.

The Cubs have had their issues in the first half, and I’m worried enough that I have to drop replace them with the Dodgers. After a slow start, Los Angeles has really come on lately. I thought they had the best team in the National League even before picking up Manny Machado. Now that he’s around, I think the Dodgers have what it takes to topple everyone else in the National League once again. (Chris Cwik)
Original pick: Red Sox over Cubs

Revised pick: Astros over Cubs

That’s right, I’m sticking with it! The Cubs probably aren’t the strongest NL pick at the moment — especially with the Dodgers getting Manny Machado — however I’m not one to give up on myself here. So I’m gonna hope the Cubs hit another gear come October. In the AL, the field is tough. The ALCS might be as good as the World Series. I liked the Astros coming into this season and they’ve been better than I expected with that pitching staff. Their offense is great too. The only question with them is the bullpen, they have plenty of time to address that. It won’t be easy for them to get past the loaded AL titans, but I’m confident they can do it again. (Mike Oz)
Original pick: Astros over Cubs

Revised pick: Red Sox over Dodgers

Despite the tough first half the Dodgers have endured, they still have a good shot at making the playoffs. There is no single dominant team in the National League, and since the Dodgers went out and traded for superstar shortstop Manny Machado, their chances of winning the NL West just increased. (Though they’ll still be fighting off the Diamondbacks and Rockies for the rest of the season.)

But even without the trade deadline being complete yet, it’s hard to look at the American League and not see the Red Sox going really, really far in the playoffs. “Winning the World Series” far. The Red Sox have dominated for most of the season, and they’ve even opened up a 4.5-game lead on the Yankees. That alone seemed impossible even a month ago. There are still more than two months left of the season, but the Red Sox have that unstoppable feeling about them. (Liz Roscher)
Original pick: Dodgers over Astros

The Red Sox look strong as the second half is about to begin. (AP Photo)

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