Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley bet BBQ the Chiefs would win. But he picked a Kansas spot

With the Chiefs about to play in the AFC Championship game Sunday, Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley followed tradition by betting a colleague some Kansas City barbecue that his team would win.

But, as some were quick to point out, the barbecue he chose comes from the Kansas side of the state line.

The bet was offered on Twitter ahead of the Chiefs’ playoff game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Hawley made the offer to Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance.

“Friendly wager?” Hawley tweeted. “I’ll bet you some Joe’s KC brisket that the Chiefs win.”

Vance bet back, saying he’d treat Hawley to Montgomery Inn ribs, a Cincinnati-based chain, if the Chiefs won.

Chiefs fans soon noted what they considered Hawley’s mistake.

Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que, the restaurant Hawley mentioned, is based in Kansas — with locations in KCK, Olathe and Leawood. The restaurant is only about 13 miles from Arrowhead Stadium, but it has no locations in Missouri.

Stephen Webber, the political director of the Missouri AFL-CIO, caught the discrepancy.

“The senior Senator from Missouri, who lives in Virginia, just bet Kansas BBQ if you wonder how familiar he is with our state,” Webber tweeted.

“I get it’s just a dumb bet,” Webber continued, “but a statewide leader that actually knows and cares about Missouri would know better.”