'Mission: Impossible 6' Director Hints at a Wild New Stunt: 'I Can See Tom Falling Off of It'

Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation. (Photo: Bo Bridges/© Paramount Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection)

With the past two films in the Mission: Impossible franchise — 2011’s Ghost Protocol and 2015’s Rogue Nation — Tom Cruise has upped the insane-stunt ante. Rogue Nation’s opening sequence memorably featured the star hanging off an airborne plane, a stunt that, by his own admission, was his most dangerous to date. So with Mission: Impossible 6 approaching the start of production, what’s the star got in store for audiences? The film’s director isn’t telling just yet, but he is beginning to give out some clues.

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Writer-director Christopher McQuarrie recently spoke to Empire‘s podcast about trying to top that Rogue Nation opener. While the filmmaker didn’t spill any major secrets, he did reveal that he’s hard at working coming up with a jaw-dropper — and his star is apparently on board with his idea. (H/t Uproxx.)

Watch part of the Rogue Nation scene:

What exactly is McQuarrie planning? “I don’t know!” he said. “And I have to find out by April 10. I may have found something today. I came to Tom with a picture of something and Tom looked at it and said, ‘That’s awesome! I want to fall off of that!’ It’s like, OK, I can see it on a poster, and I can see Tom falling off of it.”

Does this mean that Cruise will be tumbling off of a skyscraper? Or a mountaintop? Or a really, really tall ladder? McQuarrie is obviously not spoiling anything, although he did also say that a few blast-from-the-past faces from the series will make a return appearance in M:I6 — “including people you would not expect to be back.”

Mission: Impossible 6 — which is scheduled for a summer 2018 release — begins filming on April 10 in Paris, so answers to all these questions should be forthcoming. To hear more about McQuarrie’s plans, check out Empire’s podcast here.

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