Missing 82-year-old hunter found ‘worn and tired’ in Oregon woods, rescuers say

Crook County Sheriff's Office

A missing man was rescued Nov. 12 after he didn’t come back from hunting, Oregon officials said.

The 82-year-old hunter wasn’t responding to his friends’ attempts to try to find him in the Maury Mountains so they called for help, according to a Nov. 13 Facebook post by the Crook County Sheriff’s Office.

The man wasn’t “prepared to spend the night in the woods” and his phone location wasn’t helpful to search-and-rescue teams, officials said.

Fifteen crew members were dispatched with off-road gear, search dog teams and two ATVs, deputies said.

The teams started from where the man was last known to be and had dogs lead the way, officials said.

The man was found “worn and tired,” police said.

He was taken back to his friends by ATV, deputies said.

Deputies didn’t specify where the man was found.

McClatchy News reached out to the Crook County Sheriff’s Office on Nov. 13 for more information and was awaiting a response.

Crook County Search and Rescue teams urge the public to remember to prepare for “an extended stay” when in the mountains, the release said.

Crook County is about 200 miles southeast of Portland.

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