'I only miss you when I’m breathing': Iman pays tribute to David Bowie on their wedding anniversary

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

Iman doesn’t miss a chance to pay tribute to her “eternal love,” David Bowie.

The supermodel, 62, has two wedding anniversaries with the singer, who died from cancer in January 2016: They were legally married in Switzerland on April 24, 1992, followed by a splashy wedding weeks later, on June 6, with family and friends in Florence. With today being the anniversary of the bigger of their big days, she took to Instagram to let her followers know that she misses him — around the clock.

The photo was of the smiling and glam pair just glowing as they sat together at their wedding reception. He had on a tux to her halter dress, which she accessorized with beautiful white flowers in her hair. The “I only miss you when I’m breathing” caption is a tearjerker.

While Iman’s busy running her makeup empire and getting their only daughter, Lexi, through high school (the budding artist is a recent grad!), she doesn’t miss an opportunity to share their “forever love” with her social media follower. In April, she posted a picture from the day they made their romance legal and gushed that when she counts her blessings, she counts the Ziggy Stardust singer twice.

On Valentine’s Day, she declared that her special someone with always be him.

She has also shared throwbacks of the pair around his birthday.

Last year on this day, she posted a photo of Bowie kissing her head alongside the heartbreaking words: “I would walk forever, just to be in your arms again.”

Theirs was clearly a special bond that she’ll never forget — and that she doesn’t want others to forget either. We are glad to help her with that mission.

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