'Misbehavior' exclusive sneak peek

Keira Knightley as Sally Alexander in "Misbehavior."

Video Transcript

- Veteran Comedian Bob Hope has been confirmed as the special guest at this year's Miss World Competition.

- Oh, leave it there.

- Last year 100 million people tuned in live to watch Miss Austria take the crown, more viewers than saw either the moon landings or the World Cup final.

- Oh, isn't she lovely? Lovely long legs. I wish I'd had legs like that.

- A Miss World win has taken Eva Rueber-Staier all around the globe. Like true royalty--

- I'm a Miss World lady.

- You look beautiful, Darling.

- Mum, don't.

- Oh, you and your sisters used to love playing Miss World.

- We also liked to eat our own snot.

- [INAUDIBLE] being the most beautiful girl.