Miriam Margolyes Apologises To Daytime TV Host For 'Awful' Comments About Looks

The naughty national treasure apologised live on air.
The naughty national treasure apologised live on air.

The naughty national treasure apologised live on air.

Miriam Margolyes has been left red-faced after Steph McGovern, host of Steph’s Packed Lunch, pulled the UK’s naughtiest national treasure up for previous comments about her looks.

The 82-year-old actor joined Steph for a chat about her latest projects, appearing virtually from her villa in Tuscany, Italy via a video link on Thursday 7 December.

As Margolyes joined the show, she informed host Steph that she was ‘looking good’ and complimented her ‘sparkly top’.

However, the presenter was quick to remind the famed actress of comments she had when she had previously on the show in 2021.

Steph said: “Thank you – because I remember the last time you were on. You said to me about not being pretty which then set off a whole thing.

“I know you weren’t saying it as an insult – you were just saying that I might potentially have other things I could offer rather than looks.”

On her previous Steph’s Packed Lunch appearance, the Harry Potter star had informed the host: “You’re not beautiful but you’ve got something that makes people want to watch you.”

Having had her past comments brought up, Margolyes was horrified and was quick to tell McGovern: “What a cheek of me! I am sorry I said that. That’s rude.”

“I think I am going to spank myself several times,” she added.

McGovern, however, saw the funny side, saying: “Listen, that’s what I love about you. You just say what you think! And where does that confidence come from? You strike me as someone who just says how you feel and how you think and that is so refreshing.”

Margolyes, who’s well known for her blunt manner, went on to explain: “I tell the truth but I don’t think I should just say what pops into my head because it might hurt someone and it’s rude. And that sounds as if I’m saying you’re not pretty or something like that which is awful. I should never say that.”