This Mini Skin Tightening Device Is Straight Out Of the Future

Personalization on a whole new level.

<p>Nu Face/ InStyle</p>

Nu Face/ InStyle

Skincare devotees are familiar with the anti-aging benefits of microcurrent. This type of technology delivers electrical currents to the skin and underlying muscle to increase cellular activity and create tighter, more lifted appearances. And, while it's typically used in-office by estheticians and dermatologists, there are a handful of at-home devices that can deliver instant results.

NuFACE is one of those brands. It originally launched with the Facial Toning Device, which celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Jennifer Anniston swear by. Then, they released the Line Smoothing Device, which is great for lifting more delicate and hard to reach areas, such as under the eyebrows and the outer corners of the eyes. After that, they launched the NuBODY device, which uses the same technology on a larger panel to lift and tone areas such as the thighs and glutes. And now? NuFACE just came out with its smallest device yet — but don't let the size fool you.


The NuFACE Mini+ is a customizable version of the OG Facial Toning Device that custom-tailors treatments to your face's needs — all packed in a fun-sized tool.

Technically you could use it on its own, but you can get next-level results by downloading the NuFACE app to your smart phone to discover and unlock the brand's innovative 3-Depth technology (more on that in a minute). Once you download it and create your login, you can discover different "skin workouts" that help tighten, lift, and tone your face. It's intuitive, easy, and helps you to step up your skincare game.

Each workout has a different target. For example, the skin-tightening mode works to blur fine lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Instant-lify tones and contours the face, and he pro-toning is designed to create long-term, deep facial toning — essentially the marathon goal of microcurrent treatments.

As if that weren't enough, you can also take selfies to record your skin's "progress" with every treatment you do. And if you're forgetful as I sometimes am, then you'll love that you can set up treatment reminders to stay on track.

<p>Courtesy of NuFACE</p>

Courtesy of NuFACE

To shop: $245;

Using the app with the Mini+ has become a regular part of my skincare routine. And don't get me wrong, I still love my original Facial Toning Device, but I love that the app opens up options that I hadn't thought of before. In the same way that I love guided meditations, I love guided skin treatments. I'm particularly fond of "the neck lift" workout and the "cheek pop" for when I'm trying to give myself a sharper jawline and popping cheekbones.

Plus, the Mini+ is water-resistant. Not that I'm doing a microcurrent treatment in the bathtub or anything, but as someone who is clumsier than most, I no longer have to worry about accidentally dropping it into the sink and ruining it forever.

The Splurge is our recurring column dedicated to expensive beauty products that are worth it. This week, why we're rebuying NuFACE's Mini+ device, despite the $245 price tag.