Milo Ventimiglia is all tangled up in lies and love in new trailer for The Company You Keep

Milo Ventimiglia is all tangled up in lies and love in new trailer for The Company You Keep

Pro: Milo Ventimiglia is back on TV. Con: Is what he'll be running every week.

The This Is Us alum stars in the new ABC drama The Company You Keep as Charlie, a man with a gift for grift. And it runs in the family: His father, mother, and sister also dabble in the con arts; together they embark on group missions to relieve certain rich, undeserving people of their money. Things really get dangerous for Charlie, though, when he reluctantly falls for an undercover CIA officer named Emma (Catherine Haena Kim). Charlie and Emma don't know what each other does for a living, but when their worlds start to overlap, things get... complicated.

"He's hiding [his identity] from her out of judgment," Ventimiglia recently told EW. "'She's not going to accept this side of my life. Who I am and how she feels about me is not big enough for her to accept that I'm also a criminal.' And that's Charlie's torture. Emma's is very different. She's hiding something, but she's hiding it for good reason.... She can't let people know what she does because of the sensitive nature of what it is that she does. And that's one of those unfortunate positions. If you pick that line of work, or that line of work picks you, you make a choice, and your life is not exactly your life anymore. So, the complications that happen with just simply two people who find love for one another. Everything is going to get in their way, including themselves."

In the first full-length trailer released by ABC, which you can exclusively preview above, Emma scoffs, "Relationships — what a racket," and Charlie seconds, "A shell game to conceal who you really are." Next, they lie to each other about their profession (Him: "I'm a yoga instructor" Her: "I'm a pageant queen turned rocket scientist") before jokingly pretending to reveal the truth but actually doing so (Him: "I'm a criminal" Her: "I'm CIA").

"How much do you know about her?" Charlie's sister, Birdie (Sarah Wayne Callies), asks Charlie. "I know that I like her," he says. "Is that enough?" she responds, effectively summarizing one of the themes of the series.

Executive produced by Jon M. Chu, The Company You Keep also stars William Fichtner and Polly Draper as Charlie's parents, Tim Chiou as Emma's brother, James Saito and Freda Foh Shen as Emma's parents, and Felisha Terrell as a dangerous consultant to an Irish mobster who crosses paths with both Charlie and Emma.

The Company You Keep — and more specifically, the dangerous game that Charlie and Emma are unwittingly playing — begins Feb. 19 on ABC.

The Company You Keep
The Company You Keep

ABC Milo Ventimiglia and Catherine Haena Kim in 'The Company You Keep'

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