The Millennials Are Bringing Their Own Style to the Insurance Game and It’s Disrupting the Entire Industry

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PHOENIX, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / May 13, 2021 / Success in the business world always belongs to those take the risk of driving innovation. For decades, the insurance industry has held the reputation of being boring, heartless, and transactional. One Millennial-owned company has decided to take on the challenge of changing the way people view the insurance industry, and it's working.

The People First Agency is based out of Phoenix, AZ, and was founded with the idea that the insurance industry was in desperate need of a facelift. Founders Dustin and Holly Venekamp have built a culture around purpose, personal growth, and putting people over profits. Their strong dedication to these core principles has led to a great deal of recognition in a short time period. The People 1st Agency has been recognized within the Forbes Top 25 places to work, was awarded Agency of the Year & Business Owners of the Year in 2017, and just awarded Agency of Year again for 2020.

The People First Agency credit much of their success to their ability to attract and develop individuals who have a genuine desire to serve others and their community. The company's website states, "We stand for Integrity, Passion, Respect, Humility, Conviction, Purpose, and Love in all areas of life and business." The People First Agency backs up their words by encouraging their agents to find ways to serve the community outside of business, and they even co-sponsor a local food bank. The company also founded a program called "Ladies Rising," which is dedicated to supporting professional women within an industry that is predominately male.

The People First Agency invests in their agents by providing company-created and constant and ongoing training. Unlike many traditional agencies, they believe in creating a team environment, where people celebrate each other's success and share tips and techniques. The company hosts large events filled with recognition and trainings that allow agents to learn first-hand knowledge from some of their peers who are finding success.

The culture created at the People First Agency is only one component of their massive rise to success. The other area where they have excelled is in revolutionizing the way in which clients are being serviced. Traditional agencies send reps from home to home, having in-person sit-downs with clients to enroll them in coverage. Aside from being inefficient, this method became increasingly difficult during the COVID epidemic. The People First agency utilized technology to be able to assist clients safely and remotely.

The People First Agency's dedication to innovation and culture-building has not only netted them many industry-wide awards, but it is has also resulted in a great deal of financial success as well. Millennials from across the country are beginning to flock to the opportunity because they can create a life on their own terms by learning from those who have what they desire. If the past is any indication of the future, the People First Agency will be credited with modernizing and revolutionizing the insurance industry for the future to come.

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SOURCE: People First Agency (AIL)

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