Milla Jovovich ‘sick to my stomach’ after Russian strikes on Ukrainian cities

Milla Jovovich says she felt “sick to my stomach” after hearing of recent developments in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The Resident Evil star, who was born in Ukrainian capital Kyiv, said she “cannot begin to imagine the grief that my people are going through right now”.

It comes after a series of Russian missile strikes on Ukrainian cities on Monday, including Kyiv, where at least 14 people were killed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the strikes were retaliation for what he called Kyiv’s “terrorist” actions, including an attack on Saturday on a key bridge between Russia and the annexed Crimean peninsula which is prized by the Kremlin.

In a post on social media, Jovovich said she had been “shattered” to wake up to news of the devastation.

“There is so much hate and repression and abuse in this world. I wish people would leave each other in peace,” she captioned her post.

“I wanted to post about Indigenous People’s Day here in America, but after reading this news I’m just sick to my stomach.

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“I’m sick of the war mongering abroad, sick of the white supremacy at home, sick of self righteous people trying to force others to believe what they believe. Sick. Of. It.

“But on a personal level, I have to stand with my birthplace today and grieve with them. I grieve with the people of Ukraine.”

Jovovich shared a picture of a piece of text in which she recalled the beauty of the “peaceful” streets of Kyiv.

“I am devastated by the destruction and cannot begin to imagine the grief that my people are going through right now,” the post read.

“I can only tell them that my heart is with them. And it breaks for them. And I want them to know that I stand with them.”