Miley Cyrus Just Got A 1980s Mum Haircut

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Photo credit: Mike Coppola - Getty Images
Photo credit: Mike Coppola - Getty Images

Scrolling though Miley Cyrus' Instagram today, I had to do a double take because her latest hairstyle is seriously reminiscent of the perm my mum sported from 1982 to 1989.

I think we can all agree that (just like her dad), Miley brought the mullet back to the masses but it seems she's now done with reinventing iconic dad cuts and is moving onto retro mum cuts.

Ditching the longer ends, Miley has gone for an all round shorter, shaggier style, complete with fringe.

And it's this combo of the shaggy cut, paired with perm-like scrunched curls that makes you feel like your flipping through your family photo albums.

Even the lime suit looks like something Sue might have worn at a wedding back in the day.

It's not just the cut giving us pure 1980s mum vibes.

Another picture from Miley's latest photoshoot shows her with her hair clipped up in a messy up do with her curly fringe piled on top. Aka your mum going to 'keep fit' on a Wednesday night energy.

If it wasn't for those three giant toadstools, I, for one, could definitely mistake this for a picture of my mum 30+ years ago.

Unlike Jan however, Miley had help with her hair in the form of stylist Cervando Maldonado, who has mastered her effortlessly cool new look.

Miley's fresh face was thanks to make-up artist Janice Daoud, who we will now be forever stalking in the hopes of discovering some of Miley's go-to products.

I think the one thing we can take away from all this is to never laugh at your mum's 1980s perm again.

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