Miles Teller gives VA clerk a piece of his mind in a scene from 'Thank You for Your Service' (exclusive)

Kevin Polowy
Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment

There were audible grunts from veterans in the audience during a recent advanced screening in Los Angeles of Thank You for Your Service, the upcoming drama about soldiers battling post-traumatic stress disorder after returning from war in Iraq.

The vets clearly related to the struggles of Sgt. Adam Schumann (Miles Teller) and Tausolo Aieti (Beulah Koale), squad mates attempting to adjust to civilian life in the Midwest while haunted by devastating experiences in the Middle East.

Some of the loudest of those grunts came during the scene above, where Schumann and Aieti attempt to get counseling at a local veterans’ clinic. Schumann is told they’ll have to wait six to nine months for help.

And, well, he’s not having that.

Written and directed by Jason Hall (an actor who earned an Oscar nomination for scripting American Sniper), the film also stars Haley Bennett, Joe Cole, Scott Haze, Keisha Castle-Hughes, and Amy Schumer.

Thank You for Your Service hits theaters Oct. 27.

Watch the trailer:

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