Milania Giudice Gets Matching Tattoo with Mother, Teresa: 'Guess What I'm Doing Now That I Turned 18'

The 18-year-old's mom and sisters, Gia and Gabriella, all have the same tattoo

<p>Milania Giudice/TikTok</p> Milania Giudici gets first tattoo

Milania Giudice/TikTok

Milania Giudici gets first tattoo

Milania Giudice had a special wish for her 18th birthday: to get a tattoo.

On Tuesday, the daughter of Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice, 51, posted a TikTok chronicling the process of getting her new body art. Milania, who celebrated her 18th birthday on Feb. 2, began her video by explaining the meaning behind the tattoo she chose.

"You can only guess what I'm doing now that I turned 18," she said in the video as she showed herself at the tattoo shop. "We're trying to test out which one looks better. Obviously, I'm getting 'Sempre Insieme' on me. The tattoo that my mom and all my sisters have, that's the only tattoo I'm getting."

Milania continued, "Sempre Insieme was on my grandparents' gravestone. It means always together in Italian, for those who don't know."

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<p>Milania Giudice/TikTok</p> Milania Giudice prepares for first tattoo

Milania Giudice/TikTok

Milania Giudice prepares for first tattoo

Before getting the tattoo, Milania waited to get her mom's thoughts on what size words would look best. After the two selected the style, Teresa stayed with her and held her hand throughout the process.

The video captured the mom and daughter sharing laughs as the tattoo artist inked the words on Milania's side.

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<p>Milania Giudice/TikTok</p> Teresa Giudice sits with Milania as she gets first tattoo

Milania Giudice/TikTok

Teresa Giudice sits with Milania as she gets first tattoo

In December 2022, Teresa exclusively told PEOPLE about her tattoos, revealing that her body art is an ode to her mother.

“I have a tattoo, 333. We both have the same,” she said. “That's my mom, because my mom, when my dad was passing away, I went to go see a medium, and she gave me signs of threes. The medium told me, ‘Your mom's giving you signs of threes,’ and my dad passed away April 3. My mom passed away March 3. Everything's threes.”

Teresa went on to detail the meaning behind “Sempre Insieme," which translates to “always together,” and is featured on her parents’ mausoleum

“Me, Gia, Gabriella just got it, because she just turned 18,” Giudice explained of her daughters. “When Melania and Adriana turn 18, they're going to get it, too.”

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