Mike Leach has returned with more marriage advice (Video)

Washington State head coach Mike Leach looks on from the sidelines during the first half of the Holiday Bowl NCAA college football game against Michigan State Thursday, Dec. 28, 2017, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Denis Poroy)

With his well-publicized discussions with John Currie about the Tennessee job in the past, Mike Leach is back in Pullman running spring practice ahead of his seventh season at Washington State.

More importantly, he has more marriage advice for reporters and the public at large.

Leach’s hysterical wedding advice for a reporter back in November went viral. On Wednesday, the now-married reporter followed up with Leach about maintaining a happy marriage.

Leach had plenty to say once again:

“The biggest thing is to make sure she’s your best friend. But with that said, anything that you expect to do within your marriage that is important to you 20 years from now — make sure you do it now whether you feel like it or not,” Leach explained. “Because you’ve got to maintain that just like your right to vote — if you don’t exercise it you might lose it. You need to exercise any rights you expect to maintain between now and the duration. And she need to do the same thing. Anything she expects out of you she better make sure she gets it.”

When the reporter told Leach his wife has been doing a better job of that than he has, Leach offered a bit of a warning.

“Then she’ll close in and she’ll be the alpha and she’ll run the whole deal. She’s well on her way to conquering the whole household. You better play a little defense and protect your territory there.”

Mike Leach definitely needs an advice column.

And if you missed his initial wedding rant from last season, you have to watch this. Or even if you have seen it, watch it again.

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