Mike Francesa sniped at Ben McAdoo for benching Eli Manning

The end of Eli Manning’s 210-game starting streak was met with a general shrug among most in the football world (although Twitter erupted about it). Manning has been mediocre this season and looks like a quarterback ready to be set out to pasture.

However, New York City sports radio giant Mike Francesa gave listeners tinnitus during a 10-minute invective against Giants head coach Ben McAdoo.

Francesa’s takes are usually strong, but Manning’s benching has struck a nerve.

McAdoo was already on thin ice after replacing Tom Coughlin in 2016. The jury is out after 27 fruitless games of the McAdoo era and Francesa has found him wanting.

Eli Manning has a vocal supporter in Mike Francesa. (AP)
Much of Francesa’s anger is due to the lack of respect this shows McAdoo has for a borderline Hall of Fame quarterback who has won so much for this franchise and the irreverence shown to Manning by a coach with a flimsy resume.


Turning the sound down is recommended.