This Midlands school district will start using metal detectors at stadiums, arenas

A Midlands school district is set to require those attending events at its stadiums and arenas to pass through a metal detector.

Lexington District 2 said in a release that, beginning Monday, Nov. 28, it will make “regular use” of metal detectors at events in the district’s stadiums and arenas. Lexington 2 comprises the West Columbia, Cayce, South Congaree, Springdale and Pine Ridge areas, and among its schools are Airport High School and Brookland-Cayce High School.

“Spectators will be asked to individually walk through the metal detector, which will beep if a metal object is detected,” the district said in its release. “Anyone with a prohibited item will be asked to take the item back to a vehicle before being permitted into the stadium or arena. Spectators will not be asked to remove any belts, clothing, hats, or shoes.”

Among the prohibited items at Lexington 2 events are weapons, fireworks, air horns and laser pointers. For a full list of prohibited items, visit the Lexington 2 website.

The district also has a clear bag policy for events at stadiums and arenas.

Lexington 2 said in its release that there have not been any threats made against the district’s athletic events. The district said the metal detectors are part of a “continuing commitment to provide a safe and secure environment for students, employees, and community members.”