Microsoft Teams Gets Personal Features For Free, Including Unlimited Calls And Messaging

The writer of this article is on a Microsoft Teams calls as he writes this, which perhaps is fair. The thing is, Microsoft has now rolled out Teams for free for personal users, which would allow them to the app for connecting with friends and family. This comes after Microsoft announced last year that they would be adding the option for personal users to adopt Microsoft Teams as the communication platform for staying in touch with friends and family. This gives Teams a lot more versatility in battles against rivals including Zoom, Google Meet and Slack. At this time, Microsoft is offering free 24-hour calls for everyone for up to 300 people at a time. The general availability for personal features in Teams means this will be available across desktop, mobile and web versions of Teams.

There are subtle changes to Microsoft Teams for personal users compared with Microsoft Teams for the workplace, and you not only have the option for group calls and one-to-one calls with friends and family, but also group chats, share files and tasks, and schedule calls and meetings. Microsoft is making it clear that the waived off call limits are implemented for the time being due to the COVID pandemic, including for group calls up to 300 participants—once this limited is removed, you’ll be able to use Microsoft Teams for personal use for unlimited one-to-one calls with friends and family while group calls that include up to 100 people will be limited to 60 minutes of free calls for every 24 hours. You don’t need to download another version of Teams on your PC—the same Teams can be used to sign in with personal and workplace Microsoft accounts and can switch profiles.

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