Michigan Woman Accidentally Glues Her Eye Shut After Mistaking Nail Glue Bottle for Eye Drops

Gabrielle Chung
·2 min read

WXYZ-TV Detroit Yacedrah Williams (left)

A Michigan woman is lucky to still be able to see after mistaking a bottle of nail glue for her eye drops.

Yacedrah Williams glued her eye shut last Thursday when she accidentally used adhesive meant to repair broken fingernails instead of the lubricating eye drops for her contact lens, according to Detroit news outlet WXYZ.

Williams told the outlet she woke up in the middle of the night with dry eyes and wanted to take her contacts out.

In her groggy state, she reached for her purse — where she kept her eye drops — but mistakenly pulled out a bottle of nail glue that was similar in size.

Williams said she realized she had grabbed the wrong bottle just as the liquid fell into her eye.

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"I was like, 'Oh my goodness!' " she recalled. "It dropped in my eye and I tried to wipe it away."

However, it was too late and her eye was glued shut. Williams said she started to panic and screamed for her husband to call 911.

"It sealed my eyes shut," Williams remembered. "I just started throwing cold water, and I was trying to pull my eyes apart but couldn't."

"It was completely shut," she added.

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Williams was rushed to the hospital, where doctors were able to open her eye and remove the glue-encrusted contact lens.

Though Williams lost some her eyelashes in the ordeal, her vision was intact.

"They said that actually the contacts saved my vision," she told WXYZ. "They had to pull on it and flip the top of my lid."

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After the harrowing incident, Williams vowed to "never" keep both her eye drops and nail glue together in her purse again.

"I don't think I'll even have nail glue anymore," she said.