Michigan State QB gains 52 yards... on a QB sneak

Brian Lewerke warming up his arm despite most of his success coming via the run on Saturday against Notre Dame (Getty Images)

Look, a lot of things happen very quickly up at the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped. Linemen dart off in every direction, bodies clash and somewhere in all of that chaos you have to try and track where the ball is.

Notre Dame did those first two things very well against Michigan State in the first quarter. It just forgot to watch the ball…and the MSU quarterback holding it. And, well, when that happens it’s not uncommon for said quarterback to run 50-plus yards through the middle of the field.

That’s a pick up of 52 yards for Spartans quarterback Brian Lewerke on a QB sneak, which is more than double the amount of passing yards he had after one quarter.

This is the type of play you run against someone in Madden who has never played Madden before. Or any football game for that matter. Or even football in general.

Letting the quarterback walk through the defensive line like that should earn a benching for every player on the field. The Irish defense received a worse penalty. They had to walk back to the sideline where Brian Kelly was waiting for them.

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