Michael Che Pulls April Fool’s Prank On Colin Jost During ‘SNL’s Weekend Update: “That’s The Meanest Thing You’ve Ever Done”

Saturday Night Live’s Michael Che celebrated April Fool’s Day by pulling a prank on his “Weekend Update” co-host Colin Jost during the live segment.

It was seemingly business as usual for Jost and Che on the NBC late-night show with both anchors mocking the news of the week. However, there was one thing that was missing while Jost delivered his Donald Trump zingers — the laughs.

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Every time Jost said the punchline of his jokes, the laughs from the audience were tepid. In contrast, when it was Che’s turn at making quips, the crowd was overly enthusiastic with roaring laughter.

Jost then took another turn at cracking more jokes and Che came clean telling his co-host, “I told them not to laugh at you for April Fool’s.”

When everything was all out in the open, Jost covered his face with his hands in disbelief that he had been pranked by Che.

“Am I not miked?” Jost said he was asking himself. “And then I was like, ‘Oh, I just suck.'”

Jost couldn’t contain his laughter as Che tried to move the show along cracking a joke about Marjorie Taylor Greene. Jost still hadn’t recovered from the prank and was heard saying to Che, “God, you’re evil.”

Che finished his joke and Jost continued to laugh after falling victim to the April Fool’s prank adding, “That’s the meanest thing you’ve ever done to me. I’m covered in sweat.”

Jost received support from the audience but he yelled back at them, “Don’t you even dare.” Following the prank it was difficult for Jost to get back into the wisecracking mood as he quipped throughout.

Watch “Weekend Update” in the video below.

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