Miami's Cavinder twins, LSU's Angel Reese invite Lil Wayne to Elite Eight. Who's he rooting for?

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The game hasn’t even begun and already Miami and LSU are battling.

And Lil Wayne is in the middle of it.

Miami’s Haley Cavinder and LSU’s Angel Reese each asked the Grammy-winning rapper to come to Sunday’s Elite Eight game, with both teams claiming his allegiance.

Hanna Cavinder tweeted a photo of her and sister Haley FaceTiming with Lil Wayne after the Hurricanes upset Villanova, while the rapper gave Reese a shoutout on Twitter later Friday night.

“I'm on him because he's from (New Orleans) and he called them before he called us,” Reese said Saturday. “So luckily he did tweet it out last night. Hopefully he comes to the game.”

Haley Cavinder echoed that.

“Hopefully he comes to the game if he likes Angel Reese and our team. Lil Wayne, if you see this ...,” she said.

Lil Wayne’s love of sports is well known. The longtime Green Bay Packers fan (longtime Green Bay Packers fan even adapted the song “Black and Yellow” for his favorite team, and “Green and Yellow” is now its anthem. He’s rocked the WNBA hoodie, and wore Skylar Diggins’ Notre Dame jersey in concert. He was courtside when Notre Dame and Baylor played in South Bend, Ind., back in 2012, and has turned up at the WNBA Finals.

“Being able to grow women's basketball like that has just been amazing all year,” Reese said. “If you've seen all the different kinds of celebrities and NBA players and people that have reached out to us and showed that they were supportive – I think Magic Johnson last night tweeted at me – just being able to see that just makes me happy because I'm able to grow women's basketball.

“So Lil Tunes, you better come pull up tomorrow.”

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Miami's Cavinder twins, LSU star Angel Reese Lil Wayne to Elite Eight