Miami’s favorite 2020 pandemic delivery order is ... what!? We don’t believe it

Connie Ogle
·2 min read

If nothing else, 2020 was the year in which we all needed a lot of comfort.

And that includes comfort of the edible kind. Miami is a food town and as the COVID-19 pandemic raged, we didn’t want to risk exposure by eating out. So we turned to delivery options to soothe our souls and expand our waistlines, pretending that calories didn’t count if someone delivered them to our doors.

What did we turn to? Miami favorites like croquetas or Cuban sandwiches? Did we yearn for healthy vegetarian fare?

No. We craved carbs, and we ordered alfredo pasta, Grubhub says. A lot of it.

The food delivery service has released its Taste of 2020 report and writes that in the 305, alfredo pasta was the most popular order in 2020. The dish saw a 675 percent increase in popularity in Miami. And who could blame us? We couldn’t leave our homes! Nothing keeps you rooted to the recliner like inhaling a vat of penne with white sauce.

The rest of the top five orders in Miami are also fairly comforting:

Buffalo chicken mac and cheese: 628 percent more popular in 2020 than 2019. So much comfort!

Pollo saltado: 575 percent more popular

Baked empanada: 541 percent more popular

Jambalaya: 480 percent more popular

Puzzlingly, Grubhub’s map of the country indicates that the most popular order overall in Florida are cachapas (you might call them arepas). Now if Miami’s not ordering them, exactly who is? Has Lakeland or Clearwater become the cachapa capitol of the state? We cannot say and neither does Grubhub.

Other troubling trends emerged, too. While we totally get why tonkotsu ramen is the country’s favorite ramen, we are alarmed to discover the no. 1 pizza is Hawaiian pizza, which in 2020 was 689 percent more popular than it was a year ago and also is gross. We knew things in America were divided, but this is going too far.