Miami Breeze Car Care Releases All-Purpose Car Interior and Leather Cleaner on

Greatly Expands Availability of Products

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 9, 2023 / Miami Breeze Car Care Inc. (MBCC), an automotive care product company that designs and develops high-quality products for unique, luxury, and vintage vehicles, is pleased to announce their latest product, an all-purpose car interior and leather cleaner that restores a ‘new car smell,' is now available for purchase on

Considering the characteristic scent of a new car fades by 20% each subsequent week after it's purchased, MBCC is passionate about making leather conditioner for car seats that allow drivers to enjoy the pristine, brand-new freshness of their automotive purchase.

"Cars are expensive investments, which is why car owners should be able to prolong that feeling of spotless interiors, leather finishes, fabric seating, and car accessories upon making their purchase," said W. Ruecker, Founder and CEO of Miami Breeze Car Care. "We had this in mind when we formulated our latest Miami Breeze Ultimate Car Cleaner product, which is now available for purchase on"

MBCC's all-purpose car interior and leather cleaner can be used to clean car dashboards, leather seats, fabric interiors, and other harder-to-reach parts of the vehicle. The cleaner can effectively remove dirt, dust, and grimy build-up, allowing car owners to detail their car interiors quickly and easily.

Additionally, considering UV exposure dries out interior accessories like leather and dashboard accents, this all-purpose car cleaner keeps the interior of the automobile spotless for longer, adding to its longevity. Miami Breeze recommends spraying the solution onto a microfiber cloth, making it seamless to wipe off any part of the car.

"Our cleaner cleans, conditions, preserves, and restores interior surfaces to their original matte factory finishes," said W. Ruecker. "Not only will the dashboard cleaner preserve the vehicle's accessories, but it will also stop dust accumulation, remove filth, and contribute to a fresh, healthy scent that makes driving relaxing and pleasant. Spread the word on the release of our product today."

The car interior cleaner comes in 16oz. bottles, measuring 8.66 x 2.55 x 2.55 inches, weighing a total of 1.15 pounds.

Every product available through MBCC is developed by their proprietary research and formulation lab team based out of Germany.

Miami Breeze Car Care Inc. has both an Amazon Storefront, as well as a European shop that makes it easy for consumers to view and test their products. Their new interior car cleaner listed on Amazon already has two five-star reviews from verified customers.

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MIAMI BREEZE is a new, US-based brand that develops, manufactures and sells advanced, high-end automotive care products. It has developed a breakthrough product that provides a long-lasting new car scent. The company's products are formulated and made in Germany - the center of the luxury automotive world.

MIAMI BREEZE's goal is to make sure users receive a high-quality product, which cleans and protects all parts of the vehicle, including leather, vinyl, plastic, dashboard, seats, and much more. It also gives the automobile a perfect, fresh, like-new car scent!

MIAMI BREEZE CAR CARE INC, Wednesday, February 8, 2023, Press release picture
MIAMI BREEZE CAR CARE INC, Wednesday, February 8, 2023, Press release picture

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