Mexico-US border: Tearful reunions and a wedding

Jess Butler

On November 18th, border patrol guards opened a gate along the U.S.-Mexico border to allow selected families to reunite as a part of  'Opening the Door of Hope'. The event, which is organized by the Border Angels migrant advocacy group, aims to bring families back together who have been previously separated due to deportation.

While tearful embraces were expected, none anticipated a wedding. 

Brian Houston, a U.S. resident, donned a grey suit as his bride to be, Evelia Reyes, a Mexican citizen, glowed in her beautiful white gown. According to the Washington Post, the bride and groom brought their own rings as they are not allowed to move items across the border. The new family was only as one briefly. Shortly after their wedding, Brian, Evelia and her daughter returned to their designated sides of the border and spoke until Friendship Park closed at 2 p.m. 

The images of the wedding are beautiful and heartbreaking. While their love for one another is as clear as day, so are the hardships they, and many Mexico and U.S. citizens, face when separated from those they love. 

The couple is currently working with an immigration lawyer to obtain a green card for Reyes.