Mets mom saves baby after dad catches foul ball

In today’s society, multitasking is a necessity. But there are two things you should probably not do at the same time: hold a baby and catch a foul ball. A New York Mets fan watching his team play the Los Angeles Dodgers managed to do both on Thursday night, but it looked a little scary. And it didn’t scare anyone more than the baby’s mother.

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The journey of this Mets fan is one that thousands of fans have been on. He’s in the seats. He sees a foul ball coming toward him. He reaches his hand up, jumps and tries to get the ball. He misses, but manages to wrangle the ball against his body. He has a foul ball, hit by a Mets player. Triumph!

But this time was different. Because this guy had a baby in his arms.

Yes, this Mets fan’s baby got to go on this foul ball journey with him, from first sight to big jump to the wrangling of the ball. And that means the baby looks like it’s being rag-dolled while dad reaches for foul-ball glory.

It’s clear from watching that the emotion and excitement of the moment took hold of him. When the ball came barreling toward his section, the baseball fan inside him took over. But even though it looked like the baby was just flopping loosely on his shoulder, you can see the dad’s hand clasped against his kid’s head the entire time.

This Mets fan caught the ball while holding his baby, but mom didn’t seem very amused. (MLB.TV)

The baby’s mom, of course, wasn’t thrilled by the whole event. When the dad and the baby were both back on solid ground, she had some words (probably strong and loud ones) for him before essentially snatching the baby from his arms and turning away.

Mets broadcaster Gary Cohen put it best: “You are no longer qualified to hold the baby!” You can see her put her hand to her head in disbelief, but even she spared a smile at the situation.

But seriously, if you’re holding a baby, you may want to just take yourself out of the running to catch any baseball that comes your way. At least in this situation, the mom has a great story to tell to her kid someday. “Did I tell you about the time your dad almost tossed you into the air to catch a foul ball at a baseball game?” I’m guessing that will never get old.

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