'Metroid Fusion' comes to Switch Online Expansion Pack on March 9th

The classic Game Boy Advance title is now available on a modern console.


One of the Game Boy Advance's better-known games is officially playable on a modern console. Nintendo has announced that Metroid Fusion will be available to Switch Online Expansion Pack subscribers on March 9th. The 2D exploration title hasn't changed in the past two decades, but that might not be a bad thing — it represented the culmination of the original Metroid formula before the arrival of Metroid Dread in 2021.

Metroid Fusion added some twists to the plot and mechanics when it arrived in 2002. You have to fight shapeshifting parasites that include clones of Samus Aran — you're not just battling another wave of Metroids. The game also has a more linear, story-driven experience than past titles (there's even a Navigation Room to tell you where to go), and new abilities to climb ladders and grab ledges made you more nimble.

An Expansion Pack membership costs $50 per year. It's not necessarily worth the investment just for Fusion, but the addition makes the Game Boy selection more compelling. That's on top of perks like classic Nintendo 64 releases, Genesis games and Switch game add-ons. You're effectively paying for a nostalgia trip alongside Online's base multiplayer, cloud saves and NES/SNES catalog.