MetaSafeMoon: Listed on CoinMarketCap, Aims to Revolutionize the NFT Industry

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Brasov, Romania--(Newsfile Corp. - November 27, 2021) - The MetaSafeMoon team is pleased to inform the community about the listing on CoinMarketCap. It is a BEP20 token designed to help humanity to achieve its desire of living outside the earth. The team's objective is to allow humans to use NFTs to purchase land on the moon.

Figure 1 MetaSafeMoon: listed on CoinMarketCap, aims to revolutionize the NFT industry

Real Economy

The platform offers its users a platform where they can easily access the metaverse mapped to the moon: MetaMoon. Through the concept of supply and demand, the players sustain the real economy. The Metaverse provides users an opportunity to live outside the earth.

According to the team, MetaMoon is built on three key pillars which are Play, Earn, and Connect. The Cryptocurrency industry has leveraged these features to create the MetaSafeMoon, a token that cryptocurrency lovers can use on the MetaMoon platform to explore the moon and purchase land on it.

Model of Operation

NFTs and Metaverse are combined to form an ecosystem where MetaSafeMoon operates to serve a purpose: to offer users a platform where users across all blockchains can see things from the same perspective.

The MetaMoon platform allows users to buy land and build a virtual world on the moon with a special 3D NFT.

The vision

The MetaSafeMoon team is made up of contributors from different parts of the world. The Project Lead (Edi) and the developer, Dean, spent several months on planning and recruiting the best team for the project. Over time, the team has increased significantly, populated by experienced team members from the development and blockchain sectors.

The team isn't resting on its oars. Rather, it's working on more contracts and uses cases to be added to the decentralized project. That's beside the planned addition of a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) gateway for users to perform a wide range of functions such as commercial and residential property development, opening new cities, importing NFTs from other blockchains, and introduction of businesses.

MetaSafeMoon has a mission: deploy a strong international community and innovations to change how things are done in the BSC world forever.





Media Details

Company Name: MetaSafeMoon

Contact Name: Edi Buzescu

Location: Brasov (city in Romania)



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