Metallic Bags Are the Hottest Fall 2023 Accessory

<cite class="credit">Photo Courtesy of the brand.</cite>
Photo Courtesy of the brand.

Walking down the slightly dreary and hyper stylish New York City streets during Fashion Week, I saw a sea of metallic bags – sleek, shiny purses cradled around the shoulders of style-setters as I sprinted between shows.

Though it's the trend that stood out the most, I was reluctant to hop on it since I'm prone to spilling. One time I got ink on a purse and I almost never forgave myself, and the mirrored material didn't look like it would be able to sustain my foundation smudges and general urban grit. But, when Coach offered to let me take their new metallic Tabby for a spin, I couldn't resist. (And spoiler: dirt wiped right off of the Italian-sourced leather).

Tabby Shoulder Bag 20

$395.00, Coach

Sammy Top Handle 21

$495.00, Coach

I’ve been a Coach girl since I was a tween, thanks to my mother’s penchant for stopping by our local Miami store every weekend. She never missed a chance to buy a new bag, and I unfortunately (for my paycheck, that is) have picked up on her habit. Shoulder bags haven’t always been my thing because I have really broad shoulders so the straps are never long enough, but the latest from Coach's new Shine Collection has two length options, and it fits snugly on my arm. Normally I have to awkwardly dangle my shoulder bags around my forearm, but that's not the case with the Tabby.

As the tempts starts to cool, I notice I tend to lose a lot of color that I’d wear during the hotter months. Black, brown, and navy are constantly flowing out of my closet and onto my body, so accessories that bring life and joy into my outfits are necessary. That's especially why I'm leaning into this metallic bags trend in a neutral silver (yes, silver can be a neutral). I just know that as sweater weather gives way to bulky coat season, it'll make all of my outfits feel a little less drab.

<cite class="credit">Photo Courtesy of the brand.</cite>
Photo Courtesy of the brand.

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