New Mentimeter Study: Millennials Want to Stay Anonymous at Work, Seek New Ways to Engage in the Workplace

New research shows younger generations have increased anxiety over presenting and participating during in-office meetings; cites higher levels of post-pandemic social anxiety in the workplace

TORONTO, October 04, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--As leaders consider how to shape the workplace for the future, a recent survey of U.S. workers by Mentimeter, an audience engagement platform, reported that 72% of millennials are feeling anxious about presenting in-person at work, and one in three millennials cited being more anxious about attending in-person meetings now than before the pandemic. According to the research, which surveyed 2,000 workers across the U.S., nearly half of respondents wanted multiple – and anonymous – ways to engage in the workplace. The findings highlight a misalignment between workplace culture and the needs of the most abundant resource in the labor market: millennials.

On average, 20% more millennials reported anxiety about presenting and participating during in-office meetings than baby boomers and Gen X, noting fears over not being listened to (30%), being the center of attention (43%), or making a mistake (44%) during meetings. The research comes at a time when leaders are evaluating how to adapt their corporate cultures to persuade employees to return to the office after two years of work-from-home due to the pandemic.

"As leaders consider how to evolve their workplaces in a post-pandemic world, we have a lot to gain by addressing fundamental human needs – such as feeling safe, heard and important," said Anna Gullstrand, acting CEO of Mentimeter. "Embracing new and emerging tools, especially as millennials continue to take on greater leadership roles at organizations, can create a culture that listens to all employees."

According to the findings, millennials report it is often or always important for companies to offer polls, likes and comments that allow participants to engage during virtual meetings (44%), options to provide thoughts in anonymous ways (43%) and the option of keeping video off (50%).

Worth noting, Gen Z showed similar responses to workplace anxiety and expectations, with 39% of this generation reporting anxiety around engaging audiences during virtual meetings, 51% wanting multiple and anonymous ways to engage, and 40% citing they are more anxious about attending in-person meetings now than before the pandemic.

"Our research shows that there is a lot of uncertainty and anxiety that leaders need to acknowledge and address to be able to engage younger generations. It’s clear that millennials are not alone in anxiety over working in the office, attending meetings and presenting," Gullstrand continued. "This study highlights the need for businesses to develop a workplace culture that works across generations – it suggests that the old mold doesn't fit anymore. Today’s leaders need to ensure they are offering the tools and engagement options that build a culture of inclusion and ensure all voices are heard."

About Mentimeter:

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