Menopause Has 62 Different Symptoms. How Many Can You Name?

(Photo: Yulia-Images via Getty Images)
(Photo: Yulia-Images via Getty Images)

(Photo: Yulia-Images via Getty Images)

Once you get to a certain age as a woman, you will know that menopause is around the corner.

And with that, comes the symptoms. Hot flushes are all but synonymous with the menopause, even though not all women experience them. And you’ll probably think there are a handful more, too. Well, you’re wrong.

Doctors report there are actually 62 different symptoms of menopause that women present with. That’s despite the biggest study yet into menopause awareness finding most women associate it with just five symptoms.

Hygiene and health company Essity surveyed 5,000 women pre-menopause, in peri, or post menopause – and found even women who are at the end of their journey remain relatively clueless about what they have been through

While 40% of women going through or having gone through the menopause have visited their GP to get help with symptoms, two thirds of women didn’t know menopause decreases sex drive and a whopping 74% didn’t realise it could be linked with weight gain. 

Meanwhile, only 1% of women surveyed were aware it can cause changes in their vagina and how often they pee.

Menopause specialist Dr Naomi Potter reveals that tinnitus, UTIs, weaker bones and a change in body odour also feature in the list of menopause symptoms.

And worryingly, there’s a lack of knowledge of when it all kicks in, she says.

“Women believe they can’t experience symptoms in their forties because they’re not old enough, or their symptoms aren’t menopausal – when in fact if they’re over 45, it’s likely they are,” Potter says.

A spokesperson for Essity said: “[These] findings tell us that it’s a heavily misunderstood subject and the taboo surrounding it means women aren’t accessing the information and advice that could really help them.”

So what are the 62 symptoms of menopause?

  1. Palpitations

  2. Chest pain

  3. Breast tenderness

  4. Itchy skin

  5. Dry Skin

  6. Rosacea

  7. Acne

  8. Thin skin

  9. Collagen loss

  10. Crying

  11. Brain Fog

  12. Memory Loss

  13. Poor concentration

  14. Word finding difficulty

  15. Anxiety

  16. Low mood

  17. Worsening PMS

  18. Anger/ Rage /

  19. Irritability

  20. Headache

  21. Migraines

  22. Joint Pain

  23. Joint stiffness

  24. Vaginal Dryness

  25. Vaginal discharge

  26. Vulval itch

  27. Perineal itch

  28. Vulval/ vaginal electric shocks

  29. Increase in thrush

  30. Increase in BV

  31. Poor libido

  32. High libido

  33. Weight gain

  34. Scalp Hair loss

  35. Unwanted Hair growth

  36. Urinary Infections

  37. Urinary incontinence

  38. Urinary urgency

  39. Nocturia (getting up at night)

  40. Sexual Dysfunction

  41. Chest Tighness

  42. Constipation

  43. Gastric reflux

  44. Fatigue

  45. Night Sweats

  46. Hot flushes

  47. Cold flushes

  48. Period increased frequency

  49. Periods decreased frequency

  50. Heavier periods

  51. Muscle Loss

  52. Tinnitus

  53. Dry eyes

  54. Watery eyes

  55. Burning mouth

  56. Gum disease

  57. Foot pain

  58. Frozen shoulder

  59. Insomnia

  60. Histamine sensitivity

  61. New allergy

  62. Body odour change

This article originally appeared on HuffPost UK and has been updated.