Men, Share With Me The Moment You Knew You Didn't Want To Be A Parent

There are a slew of reasons why people today don't want to follow typical traditions — like getting married or having children.

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Being a 30-year-old woman myself, I often hear conversations of women deciding to not have children for their own reasons but I don't typically hear the men's perspective on this.

So I'm asking the men of the BuzzFeed Community who don't want children how they came to this decision and why.

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Maybe you want the freedom to travel wherever and whenever you want.

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Perhaps you feel that you're not in a financially stable position to raise a child in this economy.

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Or maybe your spouse cannot get pregnant so you both made a conscious decision to not have children.

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Whatever your reasoning is, I'd love to hear more! Share all your thoughts on this anonymous form or in the comments below.