Notes on chocolate: mellow out with posh, vegan marshmallows

More than a year ago, I first wrote about Solkiki Boulders (back then known as Mellows, they also briefly flirted with the name Rocks). These are giant (vegan, all vegan, OK?) marshmallows drowned in chocolate and they come in various permutations.

Back then I’d only ever tested one (golden raspberry redskin peanut, as good as ever), but for the purposes of this column I have tested pretty much every flavour. I wish I could tell you there were some duds – some respite – but no. Every single incarnation is amazing. Let me try the cinnamon, pear and walnut, I thought, surely that will be awful and I can stop this madness. Nope. Amazing. We all knew the coffee and hazelnut was going to be good and it is, insanely so. There’s also the Elvis (redskin peanuts, dried banana); the Turkish (coffee, rose, pistachio); and Raspanise (almonds, star anise, raspberry pate de fruit). All are excellent; in part this is due to the amazing pairings, but the chocolate is of such quality it brings everything together. I think the only one I didn’t taste was the Smores flavour…

My daughter loves it when I stick a bag of these into the weekly parcel I send her (I’m Italian, we can’t help it). Some of my testers said these were like the best, poshest walnut whips and I’d never thought of that, but they are. £12.50 for four and yes they are worth it.

Not purposely staying vegan but Coco Caravan’s 50% Peruvian Piura oat ‘milk’ with nibs, £5.95, is absolutely delicious and well worth a try. I kept going back to it again and again. And if you fancy buying a chocolate/cheesy present for someone, try Love Cocoa’s Cheese Chocolate Truffles, £13.50.

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